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Finding the window shutters in Essex that tick all the boxes for you can be tough, and a lot of decisions have to be made before you can choose which shutters will be best for you. Will you go for a lighter colour or dark, wood or a different material?

In all these cases, The Blinds Store has what you need. Thanks to our wide range of options and helpful team, we’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for. And what’s more, when you have found the shutters for you, our expert installers will make sure that they fit all of your windows perfectly.

So if you’re looking for window shutters for your home, or if you just want a price quote so you know what you can get on your budget, then why not browse our range and get a free price quote today?

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    What is a shutter installation?

    Shutter installation is the process of fitting shutters to the windows of your home. Similar to blinds, the main function of window shutters is to help you control the amount of natural light coming through your windows.

    Selecting which shutters you get fitted can be a harder task than you think. Different designs can affect the appearance, functionality and cost of your shutters, so take time to research which ones are best for you.

    While window shutters in Essex are designed to last as long as possible, it’s likely that they’ll be in need of replacement around the 7 year mark.

    While some can last longer, it’s worth keeping an eye out for signs of deterioration, such as:

    • Warped or bleached panels
    • Not functioning as they should
    • Loose slats or fittings
    • They no longer fit your new windows
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    Shutters Essex
    Shutters Essex

    What type of shutters are in style?

    The style of shutters, just like in all interior design, come in and out of popularity.

    Shutters are a great way to continue a theme or style within your home, so choosing the right style is important. For example, if your home has more of a rustic style with lots of wooden furniture, you may want to consider some wooden blinds to continue the theme.

    Alternatively, getting new shutters could be a great way to add something different to your home. If your home is slightly old-fashioned and you want to make it more modern, you could consider sleek shutters that will remind you that you do live in the 21st century.

    Once you’ve chosen what you want your shutters to achieve, you’ll have to choose your:

    • Style
    • Material
    • Colour
    • Budget
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    It’s for these reasons that we always recommend hiring a professional to fit your shutters for you.

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    Should I get shutters or blinds?

    Both shutters and blinds have their appeal to any homeowner. While similar in design and function, the main difference between the two is that shutters are fitted to your window on all sides meaning that they’re fixed, whereas blinds are only fixed to the top, giving them more movement.

    However, they both perform similar functions and provide you with many of the same benefits, such as:

    • Aesthetic value – the right shutters can make your home that much more attractive to potential buyers
    • Lower energy bills – Shutters help keep in heat that would normally be lost through your windows, helping to lower your energy bills while keeping your home warm..
    • Light control – since you can change the angle of the slats, it’s easy for you to adjust the shutters to let in the right amount of natural light for you.
    • Privacy – even if you have the slats angled to let in natural light, shutters mean you can still retain your privacy.
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    Shutters Essex
    Shutters Essex


    How much are shutters?

    Shutters are typically priced by size, with the style of the shutters also affecting the price. However, shutters can often cost between £200-300 per square metre. There are also further costs for fitting.

    To find the price of the shutters you want, it’s easiest to get a price online for the shutters you want.

    Should I get shutters or curtains?

    Having both shutters and curtains is always an option, but if you’re going for just one, consider what your needs are.
    If you have a smaller room with furniture up against the windows, then shutters may be the best option for you.

    Do shutters increase home value?

    Yes, it has been shown that window shutters do improve home value. As well as providing more privacy and light control, they can give your home a pleasant aesthetic that can appeal to potential buyers.

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    High quality service and product

    Shutters are an investment that we know people will want to enjoy for as long as possible. Whether it’s to increase the value of their homes or to solve those little problems such as lack of privacy or light control, you need premium shutters that will last.

    That’s why providing you with high quality shutters is one of our top priorities, alongside our mission to provide:

    • A wide range of options – whether you want classic or modern, budget friendly or top of the line, we have shutters for every customer’s wants and needs.
    • A great customer service – our friendly and experienced team strives to provide a friendly and reliable service, so you go away satisfied every time.
    • A complete service – as well as supplying shutters and blinds, we go the extra mile by providing a free measuring guide, online pricing, and expert fitting services.

    If you think shutters may be just the thing for your home, then get in touch to receive a free online quote today.

    Shutters Essex