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Shutters Chelmsford

As an investment for your home, our shutters in Chelmsford have a lot to offer. While adding value to your home, they also offer a practical solution to many inconveniences you may experience, such as lack of privacy and minimal light control.

Luckily, The Blinds Store has a wide range of shutters to choose from, meaning that no matter your style or needs, we have something for every customer. With our expert team on hand to perfectly fit your choice of window shutters, we’re sure that you’ll get maximum use out of your shutters.

If you’re interested in finding out more about aesthetically pleasing shutters that increase the value of your home, then browse our range of shutters today, and get a free online quote.

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    Should I get shutters for my home?

    There are many reasons why you might want to consider getting shutters for your home. Many people will be torn between blinds and shutters, and for good reason. While they have many similarities, blinds do cost slightly less. However, since shutters are fitted to the sides of the window as well as the top, they can be more durable, meaning you get more years out of them.

    If you’ve already got window shutters, you should consider buying new ones after seven years. While some shutters can last longer, they can become dangerous if left too long.
    Signs to look out for in your shutters that could mean they are past their best include:

    • Discoloured or warped panels
    • Not moving/functioning as they should
    • They’re loose
    • They no longer fit your new windows
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    Shutters Chelmsford
    Shutters Chelmsford

    How do I get shutters fitted for my home?

    Similar to when you’re choosing any purchase that will affect your home’s interior design, shutters require a lot of thought. The shutters that you choose will make a big difference to the appearance of each room, so you need to consider whether you want shutters that fit into your current style, or shutters that will add something new.

    In either case, there are several choices you’ll have to make about your shutters, such as:

    • Colour
    • Style
    • Material
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    If you need help selecting the right shutters in Chelmsford for your home, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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    Do shutters increase home value?

    Yes, it’s been shown that shutters can increase the value of your home. But that’s not the only benefit of fitting window shutters. You’ll also benefit from

    • Lower energy bills – a lot of your home’s heat is lost through its windows. Shutters help keep this heat in, keeping your home warm while lowering your energy bills.
    • Aesthetic value – with the right shutters, you can enhance the visual appeal of your home.
    • Privacy – having shutters makes it a lot harder for anyone outside to peek into your home, even when you have them open to let in natural light.
    • Light control – since you can change the angle of the slats, it’s easy for you to adjust the shutters to let in the right amount of natural light for you.
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    Shutters Chelmsford
    Shutters Chelmsford


    How much are shutters?

    Shutters are typically priced by size, with the style of the shutters also affecting the price. However, shutters can often cost between £200-300 per square metre. There are also further costs for fitting.

    To find the price of the shutters you want, it’s easiest to get a price online for the shutters you want.

    Should I get shutters or curtains?

    It’s not necessarily a question of either shutters or curtains. While you can go for just shutters or just curtains, it is possible to have both, with each adding their own benefits.
    However, for rooms where you may have furniture close to the windows, shutters could be a lot easier and tidier.

    Can I fit window shutters myself?

    It is possible to fit shutters yourself, but we advise that you hire a professional to do it for you. Mistakes such as measuring inaccurately or fitting incorrectly are easy to make, and can lead to you losing out on money or your warranty, and can even lead to potential safety hazards.

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    Premium shutters that last

    We know how big a part shutters can play in your home. From solving several inconveniences to increasing the value of your home, shutters are an investment that you want to keep for as many years as possible.

    That’s why providing shutters in Chelmsford of a high quality is one of our top priorities, alongside our aims of providing:

    • Faultless customer service – customer satisfaction is what we strive to provide every time by giving honest advice and answering any questions you may have.
    • A variety of choices – we have something for everyone, meaning that we can meet your shutter needs and requirements every time.
    • A complete service – as well as supplying shutters and blinds, we also provide a free measuring guide, online pricing to your specifications, and fitting services.

    If you’re thinking about getting shutters, then why not get in touch to receive help choosing the right shutters for you, a measuring guide, and a quick price quote online.

    Shutters Chelmsford